Quality Management (QM)

·         Introduction to ERP

o   ERP Packages

o   Introduction to SAP

o   Functions and Objectives of QM

·         SAP Navigation

o   Login

o   Sessions

o   SAP Screens

o   Features of SAP Navigations

·         QM Overview

o   Integration of Quality Management in the

o   supply chain – process- related overview

o   QM in procurement and sales

o   QM in production

o   Insight into QM functions:

o   Quality Planning

o   Quality Inspection

o   Quality Certificate

o   Quality Notification

o   Quality Control

o   Test Equipment Management

o   Potential for introducing Quality

o   Management in companies

·         Quality Planning and Inspection

o   Managing QM-specific basic data

o   Sampling procedures

o   master inspection characteristics

o   inspection methods

o   catalogs

o   coding

o   Inspection planning

o   Material specification

o   inspection plans,

o   Quality inspection process

o   Inspection lot processing

o   notification processing

o   defects recording

o   results recording

o   usage decision

o   Quality notification and SAP Business

o   Workflow

o   Evaluation methods in QM

o   Reports and analyses based on

o   inspection lots, inspection results, and



·         Quality Management in Logistics

o   Inventory management with QM, inspection stock, and inspection lot

o   Goods receipt and goods issue inspection

o   Inspections of goods movements

o   Control of the procurement process

o   Vendor release, model processing

(Source Inspection)


·         Quality Management in Production

o   Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes

o   Sample management

o   Integration of QM in the production process

o   Master recipe and QM

o   Process order and QM

o   Basics of certificate processing

o   Inspection point processing based on times or quantities

o   In process inspection

o   Final Inspection (Goods receipt from


o   Test equipment management and integration with Enterprise Asset


·         Quality Management in Enterprise Asset Management

o   Equipment Creation

o   Calibration Task list

o   Maintenance Plan for Creating schedule of the Inspection

o   Results recording & Usage decision

·         Quality Management in Sales & Distribution / Quality Certificates

o   Integration of QM in Sales & Distribution

o   Planning and creation of quality

o   certificates for finished products  including linking of materials                                         from the production chain

o   Inspection processing during delivery Customer complaints and returns