Material Management (MM)

SAP Material Management

SAP ERP - Logistics Material Management (better know as MM) handles the procurement to payment process, from inventory through final invoice receipt and verification. Is one of the most important modules in SAP.
 If you are working in a Production/ Manufacturing industry & if you have a good knowledge about procurement & Inventory management. This course is the right one for you. There are so many openings in the market for SAP MM Consultants. And we are here to guide you further.

Who is Eligible?
- Any Engineering Graduate ( Preferably Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Chemical or From Production background)
- Diploma holders working in Production / Manufacturing Industry With At least 2  years of Experience.

SAP MM Course Contents


·         Introduction to SAP ERP

·         Different types of Projects in SAP

·         ASAP Methodology and SAP Implementation Process

·         System Landscape

·         Introduction & Overview of Material Management

·         SAP Login & System Navigation Techniques

 Procurement Process – Basics:

·         Procurement Process and Organizational Levels

·         Purchase order - Basics

·         Goods Receipt – Basics

·         Invoice Receipt – Basics

Enterprise Structure

·         Company & Company Code

·         Controlling Area

·         Plant & Storage Location

·         Purchase Organization & Purchasing group

Master Data

·         Material Master

·         Customer Master

·         Vendor Master

·         Purchasing Info Record

Procurement of Stock Material:

·         Request of Quotation/Quotation Processing

·         Create purchase Order with Reference.

·         Material Valuation Basics

Procurement of Consumable Material:

·         Request of Quotation/Quotation Processing

·         Consumable Material

·         Purchase Requisition

·         Purchase Order

·         Valuated and Non Valuated Goods Receipt

·         Blanket Purchase Order

Materials Planning

·         Introduction to Material Planning

·         Planning Run

·         Lot-Size Calculation

·         Reorder Point Planning and Planning Evaluation

Purchasing Details & Optimization

·         Processing Non Assigned Purchase Requisition

·         Processing Assigned Purchase Requisition

Introduction to Inventory Management:

·         Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

·         Goods Movements

·         Documents in Inventory management

·         Movement Types

Goods Receipt:

·         Goods Receipts with reference

·         Goods Receipts without reference

·         Return Delivery and Returns

Stock Transfer/Transfer Postings:

·         Transfer Posting

·         Stock Transfer between storage location

·         Stock Transfer between Plants

Goods Issue:

·         Unplanned Goods Issue

·         Goods Issue with reference

·         Negative Stock

Special Procurement:

·         Consignment

·         Subcontracting

·         Third Party sales

Physical Inventory:

·         Preparing physical inventory

Other customizing settings & Configurations

·         Document types in Purchasing

·         Field selection and Account Assignment Category

·         Message Determination

·         Pricing Conditions

·         Release Strategies

·         Split Valuation

·         Evaluated Receipt Statement

·         Invoicing 

ü  MM- FI Integration
ü  MM-SD Integration
ü  MM-PP Integration