SAP HR now called as HCM (Human Capital Management) - is one of the interesting modules of SAP. It deals with all the operations from Hire to Retire  or  Hire to Fire in the organization. Personal Management (Such as , Creating organizational Structure, Employee Recruitment and  Compensation etc), Organizational Management, Time Management, Travel Management & Payroll are some of the key areas of SAP HCM.

Who is Eligible for this Course?
- Any HR professional
- Any MBA Graduate
- Any BA/ BCom/ BSc Graduate.

SAP HR/HCM Course Content


v  ERP and ERP Packages

v  SAP and its architecture

v  SAP and its modules

v  SAP Human Capital Management (HR) and its areas

v  Discussions with Participants


v  Getting Started with SAP screens and icons

v  The HR module 

v  Organizational Information 

v  Employee Information 

Organization Management (OM):     

v  Introduction to Organization Management 

v  OM Objects and designing Organization Structure

v  Organization Management Master data

v  Create Objects

v  OM Number ranges

v  Essential Relationships 

v  Create Object Description 

v  Relationships Maintenance

v  Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure

v  Different interfaces of Organization Management

v  Organization and Staffing Maintenance

v  General Structures 

v  Expert mode Simple Maintenance

v  Expert mode Info type Maintenance

v  Organization Management Reports

Personnel Administration (PA):

v  Introduction of Personnel Administration

v  Enterprise Structure (Personal Area and Personal Sub Area)

v  Personal Structure (Employee Group and Employee Sub Group)

v  Personnel Administration Master Data

v  Employee Number ranges

v  All PA Infotypes

v  Infotype Menu

v  Employee Personal Actions and configuration

v  Action Menu

v  PA Features

v  Master data maintenance

v  Employee Reports

Training and Event Management (T&E):

v  Introduction of Training and Event Management (T&E)

v  T& E Number Ranges

v  Objects in T&E

v  Object Relationships

v  T&E Structure

v  T&E Reports

v  Introduction about E- Learning including Object types, Relationships, different between T&E and E- Learning, SAP tables and other concepts

 Personnel Development (PD):      

v  Introduction of Personnel Development

v  PD Cycle

v  Objects in PD

v  PD Template design and configuration

v  PD Administration and control

v  PD reports

v  PD on ESS and MSS

Time Management:   

v  Introduction of Time Management 

v  Time Management Infotypes

v  Holidays and Holiday Calendar

v  Time Management Groupings

v  Work Schedules

v  Daily Work Schedules

v  Period Work Schedules

v  Break Schedules

v  Absence Types

v  Absence Quota Types

v  Time Management Reports 


v  Introduction of Payroll

v  Payroll Infotypes

v  Payroll basics

v  Wage Type Configuration

v  Payroll Administration

v  Basics of Off-cycle Payroll

v  Payroll Reports

Introduction, Overview and Basics (Functional):

v  ESS

v  MSS

v  E-Recruitment

v  E-Learning

v  Workflows

v  SAP and 3rd party Interfaces

v  SAP HR and BI reports

v  SAP HR process on WebDynpro ABAP screens

v  SAP Process forms

v  SAP Adobe Forms

v  SAP Reporting tools

v  SAP HCM Custom Development (RICEFW onjects)

v  SAP HCM Assessment test

v  Preparing for an Interview as a SAP HCM Consultant