Webdynpro For ABAP

Web Dynpro is the SAP NetWeaver programming model for user interfaces and provides support when developing the Web representation of business applications. It has high demand and scope in the market because of its user interface technology to develop web based applications in the ABAP Environment. Even the future SAP technologies like CRM, SRM and SCM use web based applications developed through the webdynpro technology.

Who is Eligible?
- SAP ABAP Consultants 

Webdynpro For ABAP Course Content

 Web Dynpro Introduction
  •  Course Overview
  •  Introduction to Model View Controller ( MVC )
  •  Overview of the Web Dynpro Solution / Positioning
  •  Development considerations
  •  Building Blocks
  •  How do the pieces work together?
  •  ABAP OO Overview - Basic Concepts refresher

Web Dynpro Controllers

  • Controllers - What are they?
  • Controllers - Detailed Review
  • Controllers in Detail
    • Component Controller
    • Custom Controller
    • Interface Controller
    • View Controller
    • Window Controller

Data Hierarchy Trees/ Web Dynpro Contexts

  • Contexts - What are they?
  • Contexts - How to build them
  • Definition and Data Binding Techniques
  • Context Programming In Detail

 User Interface Components 

  • Overview of User Interface Components
  • Elementary UI Elements (e.g. Input, Captions, etc.)
  • Complex UI Elements (e.g. Tables)
  • Container UI Elements (e.g. View Containers, Trays, ALV Integration)

 Programming extensions
  • Overview of User Programming Extensions, placement            hook methods
  • Context Data Retrieval, Supply Methods, Updating Values
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Programmed Text Retrieval via OTR and Assistance Class
  • Error Handling and Messages
  • Programmed Value Help Options
  • Value Help via Object Value Selector

 Advanced Programming Techniques

  • Dynamic Programming Techniques for UI and Context
  • Interfaces and Component reusability
  • Creating and Invoking Dialog Windows/ Pop-up windows
  • Window Controller Navigation/ Exits
  • ICF Service/ Logon considerations

 Specialized Techniques 

  • Customizing and Personalization
  • Adobe Forms Integration
  • Portal Integration Overview
  • Web Dynpro Enhancements / Enhancement Framework
  • Programming Considerations/ Performance